Practitioner Mentorship Program 2013

The Practitioner Mentorship Program (PMP), by providing our undergraduate members with opportunities to meet practicing civil engineers from different sectors, including contractors, consultants and government, aims at fostering students to experience more about the field of civil engineering and develop a better social network for paving their future career.

Please be reminded that only by being a current member of ASCEISG, HKUSTCE could apply for the PMP. If you are interested, yet not a member of ASCEISG, HKUSTCE, you may send us an email for reapplication of the memberships.




Number of Participants:

To be announced.

Program Fee:

To be announced.


1. To provide a communication channel between students and engineers;
2. To familiarize students with the latest news in the field of civil engineering;
3. To let mentors share their work experience with our members;
4. To equip members for their future profession and career development;

Rundown of the PMP:

1.      Welcome Dinner

In April, a Welcome Dinner would be held to act as an ice-breaking function so that mentors and mentees could know each other. The Welcoming Dinner marks the commencement of the PMP. Mentees are encouraged to take the initiative in approaching mentors frequently. From our experience, mentees did gain a lot in site visits, firm visits or even a friend-like chatting when dining with their mentors!

Venue: Chinese Restaurant in HKUST

2 .      Gathering Day

We would probably organize a gathering after the exam immediately in order to further boost up the relationships between mentors and mentees. Probably it would be a picnic gathering that mentees can be closer to mentors. The details would discuss later.

3 .      Self Gathering

Self gathering is a function to allow mentees to decide what activity they want to conduct in order to enhance their relationship between mentees and mentors. This activity can maintain the relationship between mentors and mentees and encourage mentees to contact with their mentors more frequently and proactively.

4 .      Thank You Dinner

Thank You Dinner would be held to provide an opportunity for us to express our gratitude towards the mentors. This ceases the whole PMP but signifies the beginning of life-long relations between the mentors and mentees.

Remarks: Mentees who join all the function would be eligible for a refund of $50 by the end of the program.

Practitioner Mentorship Program (PMP) 2012




Welcome Dinner

3rd May 2012

This will be held at Chinese Restaurant at HKUST. It acts as a chance for mentors and mentees to know each other.

Gathering Diay

28th May 2012

To further polish the relationship between mentors and mentees, a picnic gathering will be held. Details will be announced later.

Thank You Dinner

November 2012

To express our deepest gratitude towards all the mentors, we will organize a Thank You Dinner for all of you and mentors. It marks the end of PMP but also signify the life-long relationship between mentors and mentees.

* If you are not yet a member of ASCEISG, HKUSTCE but would like to join the PMP, you can now send us email at for application.

Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to e-mail us at