Trunk Road T7 in Ma On Shan

Project Overview

Contract Nature Companies
Consultant Maunsell Consultants Asia Ltd     
Environmental Monitoring and Audit Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Ltd
Main contractor - Trunk Road T7 in Ma On Shan
China Harbour Engineering Company (Group)
     Reference from Government
Sub-contractor - Bored Piling and Foundation Work Sam Woo Holdings limited
     Reference from Sam Woo
Alternative Design of Viaduct and Major Temporary Works Design
YWL Engineering
     Reference from YML


Environmental Impacts and Measures - EPD

Measures to allay concerns of Monte Vista residents

The construction of Trunk Road T7 in Ma On Shan was completed in 2004

Other Reference: Page 7, Hong Kong Engineer, September 2004

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Sai Sha Road Widening between Kam Ying Road and future Trunk Road T7 Junction
     Main Contractor - Barbican Construction Co Ltd
     Reference from Government