Postgraduate Courses

CIVL512 Finite Element Methods

CIVL514 Instrumentation Systems for Civil Engineers

CIVL521 Advanced Reinforced Concrete

CIVL524 Advanced Concrete Technology

CIVL525 Renovation Engineering

CIVL531 Structural Analysis and Design of Tall Buildings

CIVL532 Structural Dynamics

CIVL533 Advanced Mechanics of Materials

CIVL534 Optimal Structural Design

CIVL536 Seismic Design of Building Systems

CIVL537 Wind Effects on Buildings and Structures

CIVL541 Physical-Chemical Wtaer/Wastewater Treatment

CIVL542 Biological Waste Treatment

CIVL543 Aquatic Chemistry

CIVL544 Process Design of Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems

CIVL545 Hazardous Waste Treatment and Site Remediation

CIVL546 Solid Waste Management and Disposal

CIVL547 Industrial Wastewater Treatment

CIVL552 Water Resources Systems Analysis

CIVL555 Modeling Fluid Systems

CIVL561 Urban Transportation Networks Analysis

CIVL562 Travel Demand Analysis

CIVL563 Traffic Control Fundamentals

CIVL571 Advanced Soil Mechanics

CIVL572 Advanced Foundation Design

CIVL573 Theoretical Soil Mechanics

CIVL574 Ground Improvement and Geosynthetics

CIVL575 Soil Dynamics

CIVL577 Unsaturated Soil Mechanics

CIVL578 Soils and Waves

CIVL581 Engineering Risk, Reliability and Decision

(CIVL600-609 Special Topics)

CIVL610 Directed Studies

CIVL680W Civil Engineering Seminar I

CIVL681Q Civil Engineering Seminar II

CIVL698 MSc Project

CIVL699 MPhil Thesis Research

CIVL799 Doctoral Thesis Research